Align – Auto Leveling Screwdriver

Align, the auto leveling cordless screwdriver helps users screw
multiple screws on the same level. This feature eliminates the
need of measuring for each screw or badly aligned decorations
such as picture frames.

UMU logotype Wsmall  Umeå Institute of Design

Production Methods
Spring 2014 – 4 Weeks




Align – Auto Leveling Screwdriver

Brand Guidelines

I created brand guidelines that helped me understanding the brand and
applying the aesthetics of the brand onto my design.

Ideation phase limited to 14 hours!


During the process, I had to use my limited time wisely with ideation, testing the
ergonomics and proportions to get the best result out of it.

Auto Leveling Multiple Screws

Laser measurement gets the distance from ceiling with the first screw in the wall.
Then it helps the user applying the other ones in the same horizontal level.

Laser Measurement

Measuring the ceiling height, ensures that the second drilled hole or applied screw will be levelled out compared to the first one.

Level Indication

Indication on how the user should position the screwdriver up and down is shown with light indication on the back of the product.

Working Prototype


Production Ready

Modelling with considering all the plastic injection process.

3D Prototyping

Testing the model with building a precise prototype.

The Package

Fitting every component into the package.